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2020N-30 Aquabloc® 2020N Replacement Filter Element 30 Micron


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Racor Aquabloc® 2020N Replacement Filter Element are available in 2, 10 and 30 microns. Aquabloc media is used in the Turbine series element and is a blend of high grade cellulose compounded with engineered fibres, and a hydrophobic treatment to ensure that water is repelled from the filter element media

Racor's 2020N-3 Replacement filter removes dirt and moisture from your diesel fuel and diesel fuel systems. It ensures that your engine runs smooth and protects against the damage caused by dirty fuel. Racor designed their filter media to collect contaminants and moisture down to 30 microns.

The dense filter material traps particles and absorbs moisture better than its competitors. The filter features an integrated bail handle to make change-outs a breeze.

The 2020N Replacement Filter by Racor captures debris down to 30 microns and removes 99 percent of moisture from your fuel system. This filter is perfect for diesel engines and works to clean your fuel tank. It removes contaminants from your fuel, improves idling, reduces fuel consumption, and protects your fuel injectors. Our filter protects your sensitive engine components from damage caused by dirty fuel.

Say no to dirty fuel and hello to improved engine performance. Order Racor's 2020N-3 replacement filter with Aquabloc to improve the operation of your diesel engine.


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