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RK33801 Replacement Water In Fuel Assembly


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Racor RK33801 - Racor's Water-In-Fuel (WIF) Probes are designed to be robust and feature gold plated metallic probe tips and water tight, detachable and locking wiring harness connectors. Water probes are passive sensors that work in conjuction with active electronic detection amplifiers. The probes are installed in the bottom of Racor fuel filter/water separator contaminant collection bowls. When accumulated water levels rise to the level of the metallic probe tips, the detection amplifier analyzes the change in electrical resistance (in ohms) and activates an alarm or lamp (depending on the detection amplifier used). The WIF probes are available in three versions and colors. The version chosen depends on the equipment's Electronic Control Module (ECM) requirements; 83K ohms (blue body) or 220K ohms (black body). For applications not requiring this match, the non-resistor version (green body) should be used. Detachable Locking Wire Harness The detachable wire harness adds a convenience to remove the connection when servicing the spin-on filter or contaminant collection bowl. To remove, slide the red safety-lock away from the WIF probe. Next, press down on the black tab lever and pull the connector away from the WIF. To reconnect, just push the harness connector onto the WIF. It is specially keyed and will fit only one way. All Racor 2-wire WIFs must be connected to an additional component called a water detection amplifier. Water-In-Fuel (WIF) Probe Gold Plated Brass Probe Tips Detachable Wire Harness Connector Safety Lock Tab Lever


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